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Now is the time to feel like we are in the center of the sound.

Being receptive to everyday sound, listening deep, becoming the sound without the mind distracting it, and giving life to the space needed. The closest we will get to hearing and feeling the sound is through headphones. A transformational and vital aspect keeps occurring, a new mode of listening is enabled which invokes the perception of the music that is all around us. We can breathe it.




Sounds in space is the manifestation of immersive spatial audio experiences for headphone listeners. An open project for collaborators and storytellers. A cinema for the ears with an extra dimension of sounds derived from 3D recordings merged with an electronic sound palette to create dynamic sonic stories. To fully immerse the users inside their own environment. The focus is mainly on triggering an imaginary journey in the listener’s mind, exploring new worlds within a deep and precise listening in a spatial way. 

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