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Debbie Doe is an electronic musician, 3D sound designer based in Montreal. Pursuing studies in electroacoustic's at Concordia University, they are inspired by theater and the concept of play, their music takes on different roles, where spacious percussions meet unusual samples. In perpetual search of new creative methods and techniques, they are developing with certainty an approach to musical composition in which sound in space and its movement play a central role. They use different techniques of sampling inspired by the work of John Cage and others to create a hypnotizing atmosphere ensuring that its experimental sounds play different roles, especially for theater and performance. They developed astute techniques for sampling cassette tapes and analog gear to craft their atmospheric tracks and live sets.


2022- ''Un passage": A listening experience designed for headphones.
Using 3D/ambisonic recordings. Project Immersed (Toronto)

2021- "Le chant du canevas" multi-channel sound design for an immersive and inclusive work for the blind (Winning prize Desjardins for Hacklab 2021 @ Montréal)

2021- LIVE performance, Plein air @Oxygen (Montréal)

2021- LIVE performance, Expérience 6 @ MUTEK (Montréal)

2021- LIVE performance, 12H duration in collaboration with AP&A ,
Centre Phi (Montréal)

2019 - DJ set, MAPP X MUTEK , (Moment Factory)


2019 - Sound design (LIVE) , Pièce"  À L'intérieur " Part 2 in collaboration with Fréderique Rodier (Choreagrapher, interpret) Andréanne Martel (Sculptor, visual artist) @Galerie Joncas (Montréal)

2019 - LIVE performance, Stereo (Montréal)

2019 - LIVE performance,  PY1  (Montréal)

2019 - Sound design,  Théâtre  play "All Flesh is Grass" (Montréal)


2018-  LIVE performance, Xenophile collective (Los Angeles)


2018 -Live Performance,  MUTEK  (Montréal)

2018 - LIVE performance, Project A/V real-time organic show, Organ Phantom x  ALTER ITEM  in collaboration with Pablo Garcia (Visual artist) inside a dome sponsored by the SAT  (Bordeaux, France)

2018 - LIVE performance, TBA Brooklyn (NYC)

2018 - Sound design, Paradox & perception Installation VR with Carol Ribeiro and

Gabriela Hébert, for the festival SOIR,  White Wall Studio  (Montréal)

2018 - Sound design (LIVE), Pièce "À L'intérieur" Part 1 in collaboration with Fréderique Rodier (Choreagrapher, interpret) Andréanne Martel (Sculptor, visual artist)  Festival Art souterrain  (Montréal)

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